Rudy Mahabeer



I’ve had the privilege to be under the guidance of Jules and can honestly say that I’ve become a better athlete because of it. Working with JLAB, learning about my body and trying different approaches to reach optimal results has been an absolute pleasure.

Having been in the industry for decades, Jules’ passion for fitness and his clients are unrivalled. There’s nothing like progress, and under the guidance of Jules – I’ve managed to better understand my strengths and weaknesses, adapting my diet and training plans accordingly, and ultimately improving as an athlete. With Jules as my coach, I managed to win my first overall as a Classic Physique athlete – hard work, sacrifice and trusting the system sure does pay off! Both in the gym, and out – Jules makes himself available to his clients, treating them as family. This aspect of coaching is where I feel Jules excels – his willingness to go above and beyond for each of his clients. Training with Jules is no walk in the park, so if you do have a training session with the big man – you’ve been warned! Jules has shown me variations of the simplest exercises, it’s amazing what tweaking an angle or movement can do to the stimulation of muscle development.

Thank you, Jules, for sharing your knowledge and training principles. It’s been a privilege sharing my fitness journey with you!