Quentin fong


“After taking the previous year off I was prepping for some shows for the end of the 2009 season around October-November as I did not go the usual provincial and national route. I’ve known Jules for a good while as we shared the stage together at the inaugural Dischem Exergise awards but it was the first time I hired him as a coach only a few(I think 3) weeks before my first show. That season I’ve pretty much done most of the training and diet protocols myself and Jules did a great job of fine tuning things for me the last few weeks. I knew after a year off I had to come back with a bang but with good help and good favour I ended up winning the show that I had my sights on. From then I decided to hire him for the entire 2010 season so I left it all in his hands to design my training and diet protocols. It was a good memorable season and I won my 4th IFBB national title that year and went to the World Champs with possibly the best overall condition I’ve achieved.  During my prep leading up to the World’s and especially between provincials and nationals I had to dig very deep mentally and physically to make sure I secured the win to qualify for the international show and I must say Jules is a very good coach in terms of motivating and preventing me from becoming complacent and taking my foot off the gas!! He also has a good share of knowledge in training and nutrition.”