I met Julian in March 2019 as I was and still am in the pursuit of achieving my dream to become a professional bodybuilder and let me tell you the experience has been indescribable. When I first started I weighed 68kg and in 9 months of hard work and dieting I am but a step closer to my ambitions and I now weigh 80kg.

Working with Julian has been a phenomenal experience as he provides a tailor made diet suited to your needs and affordability, his very own supplement range has helped me achieve this goal and I know for a fact that I can go further with him , the workout routines are hectic😂🙌🏽but they provide the best results and I love every second of it.

Julian is honestly the best coach to work with as he himself had been mentored by the godfather of bodybuilding himself Charles Glass. So if you’re thinking about making some serious progress with your fitness/bodybuilding goals there’s no one else that I could recommend.