Marisca De Beer



So, real talk time… 
About three weeks ago my car broke down which affected my training routine but more than that, it affected my motivation and my focus. 
Not only have I discovered that I am truly talented in breaking cars hence my injectors are basically melted due to over heating BUT that I am truly in the best hands in the industry. You see, my amazing coach Julian Naidoo @julesjlab is not a fan of putting women on all kinds of Fat burners and stimulants as he believes we need to get to know our bodies by means of proper nutrition.
Which means…
✅More patience &
✅Slower progress
what it also means is that when you have little to no training and a 70% diet for a lovely period of three weeks, that your rebound due to too many stimulants and fat burners and a hiccup in your dieting is not something that will take you months to fix. 
So, if you want someone who will be there to help you achieve your goals without damaging your body, Julian is your guy. 
He has coached many phenomenal athletes in the past 19 years, if you do not believe me then go to 
and read their testimonials.
You will not regret it. 💚