Blessing Christopher



I am Blessing Christopher, a young lady who currently is based in Pretoria. Mind you I am from a highly active background and growing up being an active child. Playing a certain sport at school and doing contemporary dancing which I did outside of school or on the days I had free time. I honestly never liked the fact that it took more of my time and I never got the time to socialize with my friends by that time but anyway because my mother thought I liked doing it and she always said I was good at it by that time.

Anyway, let me get to the main point. I started training in September 2014 after I went through some depression for a good 3 months in hospital just after I had lost my mother. Right there I knew things had to change and I needed something different and to take charge of my health not only mentally but physically too.

I Trained for a good 4 years, by that time I was still trying to learn my body in terms of it weakness and strength. But, honestly I was passionate about fitness, I managed to drop a couple of weight all by myself in the third year, I then decided to take up a personal trainer for some extra guidance. I trained with him and even became one of his reliable clients until I sat him down at one point and told him that I wanted to go into bodybuilding.

He was so supportive and told me that I should go for it, but what I need is to look for a good coach because he wasn’t familiar with the bodybuilding side. I then took a good month or so to scout for a good coach until I came across the Jules JLAB page and that is when I knew I had found my coach.

I started with Jules in March 2019, we met up and discussed my goals. I told him I wanted to compete at shows and that I was eager to start right away. Honestly, I am totally happy with my coach. By choosing him to coach me, the body transformations we’ve together so far are amazing. We are still yet to achieve more and I am totally in good hands.

I know some will say “she is a new be” but hey, they should watch the space. I love the sport and the challenges it brings along. I am not one to give up easily, especially when I am determined in being one of the best. Being a JLAB Athlete, I know for sure that I will be one of the best, I am passionate about it and all the guidance that I’m getting from my coach, it takes hard work and trusting the process.