Emely Tembe



Coach Jules is more than just a trainer or nutritionist. He gets involved with your life to help you in any aspect he can. He does not do it because its his job, but because he cares for everyone he is involved with and gives only the best of his capabilities to bring out the best of people.  

He helped me to achieve my body goals by changing my eating habits and making me understand how important it is to be disciplined. I would not be where I am today without the help and guidance of Coach JulesJlab. He has not only taught me nutrition and how valuable every nutrient is, but how to train to get certain results. last year he prepped me for the Welkom Classic Show,  and with his help I placed 1st in sport model category,  and I got the chance to attend the Ibff world’s where I placed 4th. I believe this is only the beginning of my life time changes with coach Jules. 

He will continue to bring out the best in me and push me to my absolute breaking point and build me back up to be a stronger competitor and person as a whole.