Kirstin Jade Endres



I started competing 2 years ago, and in those 2 years, I have trained with and have met a number of personal trainers and coaches. Although I felt good on stage, I felt terrible afterwards and had trouble getting my physique back into pre-competition shape. The reasons varied from the fad diets I was put onto, as well as the methods used for dropping water for the shows.

I then decided to change trainers, as I realized that I was doing damage to my body which would only manifest in years to come. Some of my previous trainers even recommended that I start to take chemicals and injections, although I was only 18 at that time.

After much research and numerous persons that recommended him, I decided to contact Julian. I wasn’t going to rush into anything as I had done previously, as I had learned to get to know the personal trainers methods before starting a professional relationship with them.

I wouldn’t call Julian just a “personal trainer”, he is a wellness coach, he is a nutritionist and most importantly he is very knowledgeable about this industry. I know a few athletes that are being trained by Julian, all of which have raved about his methods.

My personal experiences working with Julian have been nothing less than professional, ethical, honest, and motivational, something I had not experienced with any of my previous coaches, and he is a great man to work with. Whenever I am feeling demotivated or have any questions to ask, Julian replies within minutes.

I would recommend Julian’s services to any person, whether an athlete wanting to compete, or an individual wanting to get their body into shape. Julian is attentive, constructive in his criticism and encouraging.