Ben Sonopo



Year 2017 after i won Nabba free state overall and i start realizing that i stepped on a spot light and being recognized as a coming up athlete , i realized that many years ive been bringing up on stage same physique everytime i go stage year after year.

Then i start asking for coach on media and someone recommend me JLAB coaching , well i was wondering how is gonna coach me because I’ve never been coached from online before . Then because i needed to bring “UP” my game and i needed all help he can provide then he brought up more than i thought, from meal plan , training plan , supplementation all changed completely to new level.

With all his coaching and patience for first competition under his coaching it brough a new best physique I’ve never had before on stage then first show i won my category then we left with 7 weeks to nabba pro show which was may 2018 , he gave me a week off from training and start prep on 6 weeks out to pro show, then again he change all plans from eating, training plan and supplementation which pushed us more further than we were on previous show.
We won the pro card that I’ve been willing to get over years but with JLAB coaching we achieve the goal with only two shows. Because he got the right coaching and i had a drive to get what i wanted .

Being under JLAB coaching made me realise that i can go beyond my imagination and things i find to be difficult to achieve and some people’s thought maybe online coaches are just people’s who tries luck on helping people’s and charge them but some are real high qualified and people’s who have been into nutrition and coaching over many years and they have absolutely knoledge to what they do and it does help us to get more achiement on physique transformation.

Working with coach Jules has completely change my physique from A to Z and not only physique changed but also my way of living, eating, behaving, thinking. This is how i realise that having a good coach like JLAB its worth it and I’m happy with his presence until this moment because there’s still more step i feel we still had to climb with JLAB and I’m ready for it.