Kirsten Thomas



My journey with JLAB / Jules started as a teenager when I was selected to play provincial Touch Rugby for Eastern Gauteng. Julian assisted me tremendously by analyzing my performance and instructing me in relevant training and nutrition that was aimed to help and benefit me as an athlete, as well as providing continuous encouragement and regular check-ins to ensure that I reached my best performance and goals. Jules helped me take my gym, work, and training to the next level whereby I hit the stage and entered into Fitness Modeling competitions. Julian always provided me with the correct and necessary guidance and support throughout my preparation towards my shows – and also after my shows (which was just as important). I have found Jules to be an exceptional coach and friend as he is positive, enthusiastic, supportive, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant and respectful. Julian is constantly learning , researching and keeping up to date with the most interesting information that he uses towards benefiting each and every client’s different goal and driven desire, and that’s what makes him the best coach to work with. His personalization , understanding and knowledgeable programs, are customized to reach “MY” specific goal ! Being part of JLAB has taken my fitness career to levels I could not have reached alone.